This Article really struck the eye because of the massive amount of people attending this Hong Kong summer protest. People covered the streets with signs and chants roaming for miles. Police force surrounding the areas for crowd control and protection was the main importance of this protest. This series of protests was 80 days after the mass march and consisted of many small outbursts of anger across the city. These riots started over a proposed law allowing extraditions to mainland China. As demands grew the more people were frustrated. With all that being said this is the biggest crisis in hong kong for many years.

This can attract the eyes of several people around different countries because it is a very big event and is changing the way people live in Hong Kong. A crisis can evolve anywhere and being aware of what is happening can grab the attention of a lot of people. In this post, the lead of the story really catches the attention of many people because of the cover photo that shows the police force defending themselves as fire covers the screen. The title really grabs your attention too when it states, “The city of protests”, meaning chaos is happening in Hong Kong and drama is very easy to dig into. As you scroll down you notice a picture with streets covered inch for inch with people if that’s holding signs, the action of screaming and more. The photographs for this article give it a whole new meaning and describe the article in a different way. It puts you in the situation and creates a vision for what is happening. This story is newsworthy because it’s a crisis happening and even though it might not be in the same country it can be important to be aware of what’s happening around you.