Hurricane Dorian is one of, if not the worst hurricane to occur hitting category 5. This catastrophe hit the Bahamas leaving devastating occurrences throughout the island. This hurricane is reaching out to everyone because it is so devastating not only to the Bahamas but to everyone living there, relatives involved and just the fact of how bad this situation really is. In this case, everyone is worried and wondering how this will all turn out so, givin that, the point of view on this story stands that this is a very bad situation that is in need of help. This article gives great detail of what is happening and how the islands are holding up. Nothing is missing in this case because it gives great detail as to how big this hurricane is and what type of damage it is doing. Hurricane Doria is reaching the eyes of many because of the category 5 danger and the damage it has done to the island. Houses being torn down to streets and everything standing covered in water destroying food and water sources for all living there. This will go down as one of the biggest most dangerous hurricanes to occur.