Article 4 Final Draft

November 24th, 2020
Tommy Looper Photo

From starting at the bottom of the volleyball world. To gaining much recognition over the past two years. Tommy Looper even earned 2nd team all conference honors last year. Even with the season ending short due to covid.

Tommy looper is a Morningside Men’s Volleyball player who has only been playing college volleyball for 4 years. . He did not starting playing volleyball until he went to his Junior College. Volleyball was not even on his mind when he has in Junior college. He first started out as a basketball player.

During one of the basketball teams workouts the Men’s volleyball coach saw Tommy. He decided to see if he wanted to play volleyball, his athletic ability was on par with most of his athletics. In terms of conditioning and his ability to jump while also being left handed where all benefits that help him. He offered Tommy a chance to play for the team if he went to attend one of the open gym times during the week. Tommy decided to take the opportunity to go see what volleyball was about. At first he did not like how hard the drills where for a newbie. He had no ball control to keep the ball up in the air for a long time. Asking Derek Jones another mens volleyball player said ” It was hard for me too when I was in high school to think he had to do this in his second year in college. I could only imagine.”

Even if he had a hard time controlling the ball. It did not take long for him to master it. During his two year’s at his Junior College he decided that he wanted to continue to play. He put videos of himself online playing at his Junior College to see if he can get any offers to play more. Lucky for him he got an offer from Morningside College to come play in 2018. His first year playing a Morningside went well. There were very few middle blockers that where left handed. It gave him and advantage in the middle when hitting making it harder to block him. Talking to Kai a Morningside mens Volleyball said ” when I would play against him in practice he was hard to read where he would hit it because he is left handed.”

He really did not hit his stride of playing until his second year of playing at Morningside. This would have been his junior year at Morningside. He lead his team in hitting percentage at .300 which is very effected from a volleyball stated point. Even though his Junior year was cut off short because of Covid he did manage to get second team all conference for the amount of work he did.

News Comment 11/24

November 23rd, 2020

Covid-19 strikes again in this weeks new comment. The Baltimore Ravens are this weeks new football team that had to close up their facility due to 4 positive test for players and staff. Baltimore notified the NFL Monday that 4 test came back positive.

Making them close down the facility at 4:30pm today before they had practice. This makes it hard on the Ravens who site at 6-4 in this weeks standing. Having player miss in and out due to the Covid protocol where even if they did not test positive for it. If that where in close contact they still have to go into isolation for five consecutive Covid test.

Overall, this article was very weak it was almost like just a head up to everyone that is a Baltimore fan that the facility is shut down. The article also did not give information on who tested positive only that they are in isolation. So, people don’t know if it could really affect the team the bad depending on who the player is.

News Comment 11/19

November 18th, 2020

Reading about Drew Brees having  a collapsed lung and a total of five fractured ribs on both sides of his body got my attention this week.

The Saints are the number 1 team in the NFC South with Tampa Bay following right behind them. With this injury to Drew Brees they could fall behind in the standings. Drew Brees has no time line of when he is going to come back leaving it to 2 back ups to maybe finish out the season or until he is healthy.

Overall the article was ok it did catch my attention with the heading they had on top. Made me stop by and read more into it about what was going on with Drew Brees. Just wish Drew had more comments about the subject or got more doctors statements on it.

New Comment 11/12

November 11th, 2020

I decided to do my news comment about the profile news story about Sam Rivera. He is someone who has been going in and out of prison much of his life.

This news story is very interesting comparing it the sports story’s I usually comment of for this week. It all starts off by giving us some background information about Sam Rivera about where he is from. Going into the next topic about how he got involved into going into prison with being around some wrong people. Than how he has dealt with avoiding to go back to prison.

It is a very long story with lots of information about Sam Rivera that a common person might have not know about him. It seems like you are reading into his life and expressing what you want over people to know about this person. Overall, I like the story and is great in site on how to start of the right foot in writing a profile news story myself.

Article #3

November 9th, 2020

Hello Ladies an Gentlemen my name is Tyler Godown. Bringing you the latest news around Sioux City.

Beginning with the news story about Covid-19 immunity. With rising cases for covid around the world. Research done by the UK-CIC found robes T-Cells responds to the coronavirus six months after infection. T-cells are part of our immune system that attack cells which have been infected with a virus. Talking to Tristan Cox a Morningside Student who has had Covid about this he said (….)

Leading into our next news story about Candida auris a new super bug found to be link to Covid-19. It is a pathogen that can evade drugs made to kill it. Leading to high infection rate leading to death. Talking to Riley Lindberg a Morningside Student about this coming into the community from out of state students he said (….)

Giving us our final story about COVID-19 affecting the Morningside Men’s Volleyball teams season. With uncertainty of how Covid is going to affect spring sports next semester. The Men’s Volleyball team can only go off what the fall sports are doing. With every sport still playing up to this point in the semester it is giving hope to the Men’s Volleyball team. That a season is going to happen. Talking to senior Morningside Player Tommy Looper about this he said (….).

This is Tyler Godown signing out hope you all have a wonderful night.

Story #3

November 4th, 2020

With COIVD-19 cases rising in the U.S.

New information has just come out about T-cells responding to covid after six months. Meaning you are likely to be immune to the virus up to six months after being tested positive for it. Talking to Tristan Cox a Morningside student who has had Covid about this he said(…..).

With a new drug resistant super bug arising up in UK hospitals. It has many Morningside students wondering if out of state student will bring this bug back with them. Talking to Jacob Camp about this who is rooming with an out of state student he said (…..)

With covid affecting everyone is the U.S. Sports have been hard to reestablish. Woman’s Volleyball here at Morningside has been going strong. But, talking to Tommy Looper a Morningside Men’s Volleyball player about the mens season he said (…..).

News Comment 11/6

November 4th, 2020

The news about Antonio Brown being able to come back to the league and get signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers interesting.

With his signing to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and having served his 8 game suspension. He is able to play against the Saint’s this weekend. Making many people wonder how many snaps he is going to play. While also, wondering if he even deserves this second chance to be in the league after everything he has done with his other teams.

Overall, this story had a lot of good quotes from Antonio about how he believes he deserves to be back in this league. Also, with how to story is written it is very easy to go to one topic to another in the rendering and not forget what he was talking about in the paragraph before.

Science Story

October 29th, 2020

With Covid-19 hitting many places throughout the world. The United Kingdom has seen a rise of a new super bug hitting their hospitals this year.

The new super bug name is Candida Auris it’s a pathogen that can evade drugs made to kill it. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic it has help propel infection rates this year. With people being in and out of the hospital because of COVID.

According to Tom Chiller head of the mycotic diseases branch at the U.S CDC says ” We’ve also seen it get into some of the acute care hospitals and also into some COVID-19 units…The Concern there is that once it sets up shop in a place it’s hard to get rid of.”

The super bug sticks to any surface allowing it to colonize faster than some other diseases. With this out break C. Auris is becoming more common in hospitals making the growth of the superbug seem unlikely to stop anytime soon.

News Comment 10/29

October 28th, 2020

I did my new comment about the NBA leagues revenue dropping by a whopping 10%.

This happen because of the Coronavirus pandemic with a total loss in gate receipts of 800 million. With 4000 million loss in Sponsorships and merchandise with China. Making the league reevaluate the scary cap for this year baseball season.

Overall the story is very well written with a lot of detail on how the league is trying to overcome this situation that they see themselves in this year. Only thing that I wish they had was so quotes from the commissioner about what he thinks might happen in the coming months as they are trying to get a new restart date for the new season.

Media Comparison

October 21st, 2020

My story is on the Briar Cliff University new baseball field. Where they are getting new turf and revamping their whole facility by the spring of 2021.

For the Video version of this is was about few minutes long. They introduce the coach and explain how it was not possible for this to happen without the support of the alumni. Their donations to the program help better the field and help create a better experience for the players to practice on. With the improvement to the field they will be able to host more home games for the program which is really helpful. But, the quality of the video Briar Cliff posted was not that good making it very hard to hear exactly what exactly each person speaking said.

The written out version on the other hand did give some information that I did not hear on the audio version. Example of this would be the Briar Cliff is the first Sioux City team with infield turf. Making them a local leader in the sport with having other improvement like a team club house which was built in 2016. Plus the press box which was built in 2018.

If you wanted to get more information about the source I would use the written sources because it just allows for the press to give out more information. The video version is sometimes hard to understand or is something to grab your attention. Making you go to the written sources to get more information about what is going on from the video. Making me understand that if I find the video of the news interesting I should look up the written version of it to get more details about what might be going on.