Art Show Superstar
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Art Show Superstar

By Abby Koch–She zigs! She zags! This girl is making moves that we can’t even handle! And just like that, this girl has created the perfect masterpiece! Oh, the inspiration from the Bauhaus movement!

Artists don’t exactly make the most exciting plays when it comes to creating art. Our moves come in the form of cursing when we mix the wrong shade of orange or getting a third cup of coffee to help get a piece done in time. An artist’s best moves are displayed during an art show.

Art shows make an artist vulnerable and exposed to the public eye of viewers because of the revealed personal side on display. These art shows are where we show our trick plays, our spin moves, and our grand slams. Art shows and receptions should have the same hype that a sports event has due to the amount of time that we dedicate to our craft.

The time that an artist puts into practice is like that of an athlete. We spend numerous hours making sure we present our best to an audience. We also get critiqued by others about how we do things, much like an athlete does, in order to improve. So why don’t we get a big crowd like sports events when we “play”?

We don’t really have any fast action at our “games” and there is not really an adrenaline thrill when it comes to attending.  There is no battle between man versus man that lights a fire in peoples’ eyes like a sporting event does. Art shows are a still moment of artists exposing insecurities and a different side of them, much like a dancer taking a stage.

Plus, like golf and bowling on the amateur level, people really don’t know how to attend an art show. There is not really an etiquette book on how to attend an art show, telling how an individual should dress or how you should view someone’s work. There is just an implied law of don’t touch unless it is meant to be touched and telling the artist how their show made you feel.

Art shows and sporting events do have a major thing in common: swaying the audience’s emotions. Both can take a person on a huge rollercoaster of emotions, crying one moment and laughing the next. We both like putting on a big show for the people that support us and want to see growth within.

When the next art show comes around, think about coming and checking it out. Push yourself outside of your comfort zone to come support the kind of moves we have. Artists love the support and turnout just like an athlete does.

January 27, 2019