How 2018 is Going

How 2018 is Going


by Jesseca Ormond–Six months into 2018 and January is finally over. Brace yourself because It is finally over. The not so rhetorical question to ask is: How are your new year resolutions going?

I did not make any resolutions, because I have accepted that I will never keep them. However, I did make a mental note to attempt to be healthier. I mentally committed to go to bed at a reasonable time, wake up early, and go to the gym before classes.

There was one problem with this logic. The renewal of my Netflix account, which was on a hiatus over the December holidays. I stayed up all night binging shows. Consequently, I was unable to get up early enough to go to the gym. To be quite honest, I get up just in time to take the quickest shower ever. I simultaneously brush my teeth and make mental notes of which clean laundry pile my comfy velvet shirt is in.

I usually rush out of the house, leaving behind something that I need. I never return to get it, but always wish that I did. Moving on, why don’t I go to the gym after my classes? I don’t because I have work, assignments, activities and a lot of procrastination to do. Also, I have never been a ‘gym in the evening’ sort of person. It’s morning or nothing. So, it has been nothing.

Eating healthy is also pretty hard when you are legitimately a broke college student. Mac and cheese is a lot cheaper than Tilapia, broccoli and quinoa. Eating healthy is also pretty difficult when you eat out of boredom, and you are always bored. I should really get myself occupied, maybe go to the gym, but no, refer to above.

I am my own self-destruction; I know better but I do not do better.


February 1, 2018