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Students Help African Students Raise Money For College

(2.27.17) By Jaclyn Arens – Student entrepreneurs Sarah Sadler and Lauren Lennon are selling unique shirts to raise money to help two African students go to college, but they got their nonprofit business start in Haiti.

Sadler and Lennon started their business, Revived Ministries, after volunteering in Haiti.

There's a Wide Variety of Sweaters to Choose From

There’s a Wide Variety of Shirts to Choose From

Sadler says, “We met a little boy named Misele, and he was wearing a shirt that was full of holes. Lauren and I thought about what we could do to solve this problem, and we came up with Revived Ministries.”

Their first business venture was selling one-for-one shirts. The shirts had a verse from Matthew on it, and for every shirt they sold, they would donate one to someone in Haiti. Their next project was selling hand knitted scarves. The profits were used to buy school supplies and personal hygiene items for people in Haiti. They haven’t made any profits for themselves with any of their entrepreneurial ventures.

The reason for their current shirt sales began when Sadler volunteered in Ghana this past summer. Sadler met David and Moh who were trying to raise money to go to college in America.

Sarah says, “Since Lauren and I already had a business, we wanted to help them out.”

They decided to create a fashionable long-sleeved shirt with the Morningside M on the back, and a pocket on the front made out of African fabric.

Sadler explains, “We wanted to use the African fabric so people would know it was for a cause.”

Sadler and Lennon had a bit of trouble starting this venture because it was difficult to contact David and Moh once Sadler got back to the U.S. In order to get their first shipment of shirts, Sadler and Lennon sold 20 preorders. Their next problem was getting that money back to Ghana, but they were able to use Western Union.

The first order of shirts was suppose to come in during October, but they didn’t come until December because a group leaving Ghana brought them to the U.S. When the shirts finally made it here, Sadler and Lennon sold out within one hour.

Since they had great success with the first shipment, they ordered another shipment of 20 shirts, and they are still trying to sell about 15 of them. If you’re interested in purchasing a shirt you can email Sarah Sadler at or Lauren Lennon