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Friday April 26th 2019



How To Have the Perfect Valentine’s Day

(2.10.17) By Lindsey Smith – With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, many of you might be wondering what to do on that special day.

Some Valentine's Gifts

Some Valentine’s Gifts

Some of you may also not care at all about the holiday focused on love, and are only into it for the chocolate.

But for those who are stuck without any ideas on how to spend the day, we have answers.

After asking around campus what people considered their perfect Valentine’s Day would look like, there were some answers you might want to hear.

Some want a relaxing time, like sophomore Becky Hanson.

“My perfect Valentine’s Day would be super casual. I don’t expect a guy to drop hundreds of dollars on me just because they’re ‘supposed to.’ I would want to go out to eat somewhere for dinner but not super fancy…maybe even get pizza or Chinese, something simple that I love. And then just hang out and watch chick flicks and eat chocolate and other basic Valentine’s candy.”

Other students expressed their desire for simple Valentine’s Day plans, wanting to spend time being pampered with affection, watching movies, or playing video games.

“My perfect Valentine’s Day involves being a hermit the entire day and then buying all of the 50 percent off candy once it’s over,” said freshman Dylan Ferguson.

Sophomore Grady Klein, who is currently in a long distance relationship, believes in more than chocolate on Valentine’s Day.

“The perfect Valentine’s Day is just one spent with the one you love,” he said.

Another sophomore, Brock Bourek, who’s been in a relationship with freshman Maddie Schueth for over two years, already celebrates the perfect Valentine’s Day every year.

“It’s a special day for us because it’s the day I asked her out.”

Some students here at Morningside are still searching for that perfect Valentine’s Day, like senior Stephen Jessen.

“I’ve never experienced what Valentine’s Day really has to offer. I’d say, if someone were in my situation, the ideal Valentine’s Day would be hearing the words ‘I love you.’ Not the goofy way friends use it, but a sincere ‘I love you.’ Aside from that, the usuals wouldn’t hurt either, like a candle lit dinner, movie, walk on the beach, flowers, etc.,” Jessen said.

So there you have it. Remember to keep it simple this Valentine’s Day and enjoy the time spent with your loved ones.