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Sunday September 22nd 2019



Sophomore juries slated for January

(12.12.16) By Alyssa Nehring–As the semester comes to an end, so does the end of the stress… well, at least for some students. Sophomore art students are busy getting ready for their sophomore review exhibit in January.

“This review is a chance for sophomore art students to have a mini-exhibit of their work so far. Then they receive feedback from faculty without a grade attached,” explains Terri McGaffin, chair of the Art Department. Each sophomore is required to set up an exhibit featuring two pieces of work from each studio class the student has taken.

This mini-exhibit is a great opportunity for students to see their art on the wall rather than in front of them on a desk.

“The sophomore review helps the student take themselves more seriously as an artist,” McGaffin said.

The sophomore review also acts as a stepping stone for students as they work towards graduation and completing a senior thesis. A senior thesis is a full exhibit of a student’s best pieces throughout their career at Morningside.

The sophomore review also allows for feedback from faculty without the attachment of fitting within project criteria. This opens the discussion for more open feedback and gives faculty the chance to assess how well they are teaching.

This year there will be 13 sophomores putting up exhibits during two different sessions.

“I’m excited about having my art on display with other sophomores, and getting feedback for my work. It sounds like it will be a great experience,” said Kaitlyn McShane, whose art will be displayed in the show.

Starting January 16 through February 3 stop by the Eppley Art Gallery between 8 and 5 and see the show!