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Friday July 19th 2019



The freshmen 15, just one more thing to be aware of

By Alyssa Nehring–The ‘Freshman 15’ can be a very scary thing for freshmen after eating in the caf for a semester and looking down at the scale seeing a number larger then expected.

Carol Garvey, Morningside’s RN on staff, asks students, “What’s different?”

College creates a very different eating environment. The buffet style meals can mean oversized portions of burgers, fries, and ice cream and late night study sessions are often accompanied by overly sweet or salty snacks. In addition to these alcohol is easily accessed.

Showing up to college can be starting from square one for a lot of freshman. They often move to a new city leaving behind the support systems that are built throughout their high school career. This can quickly lead first-year students to use food as self soothers. Socialization is key to build a support system. Food makes socialization easier, especially when alcohol is present.

Garvey believes all of these behaviors can lead to weight gain throughout college. “Freshman are likely to gain weight,” she said.

About three to ten pounds within the first two years, with most of the weight being gained in the first semester the first year. Many doctors are worried that eating habits that are started in college could lead to life long weight gain patterns.

Of course there are many things that can be done to combat the freshman 15. Garvey warns to “stay away from the unhealthy.” Watching out for the late night pizza orders, snacking, and the hidden calories are very important to reserving the weight gain patterns. Exercise can also help with weight gain.

Garvey reminds students that Student Health is always here to help. If you have questions or need help with combating the ‘Freshman 15’ please contact Carol Garvey. To make an appointment with student health go to, under the Campus Offices tab click Student Health & Counseling.