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Monday August 19th 2019



Got Blood? Need Cash?

By Nancy Seeman– Some students work on campus, some at the local grocery or retail stores, and some students
sell their bodies for money. Well, sort of. Many students have resorted to selling plasma for extra cash.

BioLife Plasma Services in Sioux City is where most students go for this service. BioLife collects plasma that is later used to save lives.

Freshman Kara Bentz began selling plasma at the beginning of this year. She goes as often as twice a week when she has the time. Two times a week is the maximum allowed and there has to be at least a day in between each plasma collection.

The amount of time it takes depends on how much a person weighs and their circulation. Typically it takes about an hour, but for Kara, it only takes around 40 minutes.

One thing some students might be skeptical about is the pain factor. Kara says, “It hurts sometimes. Obviously the initial prick of the needle hurts, but you get used to it.”

Kara advises students who are thinking about starting to give is to bring something to work on. It can get boring, but it is a good time to get some homework done.

Senior Gustav Hollnagel has some different reasons as to why he gives his plasma. He started selling plasma in the fall of 2010. Gustav is originally from Germany; therefore he is not legal to work in the US due to his student-visa status. “Its just nice to have some sort of dispensable

He also gives twice a week. This can get him 50 to 60 extra bucks a week. Gus strongly encourages other students to go because it does help for research in today’s scientific society.

As this year comes to an end, whether staying on campus for the summer or gaining some extra cash ideas for next year, consider this unique way of making money that is becoming more  common at Morningside.