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Wednesday March 20th 2019



The debt ceiling debacle

By Hamza Farah–
I was so surprised Representative Michelle Bachmann vented her ideas on the debt ceiling. Mrs. Bachmann said she would not vote on raising the debt ceiling no matter how lucrative a compromise.

In the debt ceiling negotiations, the deals the Democrats offered were very lucrative, but yet Bachmann would not budge. It seemed like Representative Bachmann would rather win a Republican primary than do the job she was sent to Washington for, the job all members of congress are sent to Washington for: compromising.

When you look at the debt ceiling issue and do a cost benefit analysis, you quickly see the stupidity of her opinion and vote. You see that unemployment is at 9 percent, you see the dire need for compromise.

What you see is the strain that the American people are going through, and I do not mean locally but nationally. You realize that the American people cannot handle higher interest rates on their mortgages, credit cards and car loans.

But representative Bachmann and the Tea-Party caucus refused to see the dire need for compromise; they refused to help our nation. Instead of realizing all of this, Mrs. Bachmann and the Tea-Party caucus chose to refuse raising taxes for corporations. Corporations that do not need the help they receive.

It seems like representative Bachmann just doesn’t care about the American people.