Easter: Break or study session?

By Michelle Kuester–
Easter break starts Thursday, and many students are breathing a sigh of relief that the thought of five days free of classes and new homework. Students don’t realize, however, that Easter break poses an ideal time to start on some studying for finals.

“I plan to study over break,” said Jill Borer, freshman. “I’ve always believed that in order to succeed, you have to go that extra mile.”

Students are lulled into a false sense of security if at midterm time they have good grades. They assume that just by doing enough to get by that they will maintain those grades. They count their proverbial chickens before they hatch. To them, maintaining those grades means doing a cram session the night before finals.

“I’m not going to study over break,” said Stephen Russell, sophomore. “I have other things I would rather be doing.”

This is a dangerous thought to have because Easter is prime time to study. There are far less distractions than there are when classes are in session. You have more free time on your hands without classes. Your mind is clearer because chances are you are getting adequate sleep. The reasons are endless, which is why doing a little studying over break is an excellent choice.


April 19, 2011