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Wednesday March 20th 2019



Should Morningside have security cameras?

By Natasha Hemmelrick–
In the past three years Morningside College has reported only a few breaking and entering cases. These have not only been in the dorms, but in the parking lots where the cars are supposed to be monitored.

Morningside has Campus Security to make sure people are not parking in the specific lots on campus, but shouldn’t it also be there to try and prevent others from breaking into the cars? Students are on campus 95 percent of their time, and if their cars are not safe who would want to keep their car here?

There are a few solutions to help out the problem of breaking and entering. The first solution to suggest would be putting security cameras in the parking lots. This would make it so Campus Security would not have to do extra rounds at night to keep watch over the cars, which would be the second option.

Extra rounds to make sure the cars are being taken care of is something that should be a last resort. Campus Security goes out on rounds multiple times at night and they still miss the cars that are being broken into. Rounds should include going through every section, checking the vehicles. They are already looking for parking stickers, why not make sure nothing is wrong with the car?

Security cameras seem to be the best option for securing the campus. Campus Security would be able to watch what is going on in the parking lots not only by going on their rounds, but from the office when they are not able to see what is happening.

Students should be able to feel safe with their property, and if they do not feel safe there should be solutions to helping this problem.