Daily Spot and the Infamous Tea Bombs
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Daily Spot and the Infamous Tea Bombs

by Chloe Pieper–Over the past month I have tried countless amounts of different drinks that could get me through classes and the long list of assignments coming due. 

My personal favorite, introduced to me by Emma Endrulat, is Tea Bombs from Daily Spot (Energy and Nutrition). They are rich and vibrant drinks that come in all sorts of flavors. These flavors feature your favorite fruits such as strawberry, peach, orange, cherry, and more.

Endrulat comments, “I don’t think I could ever go back to any other drink honestly. Tea bombs are so good and it helps me get through my day better than anything else. I live on caffeine and this is the perfect drink. ”

Daily Spot is located on Gordon Drive but you can find tea bombs at almost any nutrition place. On Hamilton Blvd, Señor Lucha features tea bombs and essentially the same things as Daily Spot.

I decided to try as many Tea Bombs as I could in the last month of college classes. I created a list in my notes so I would keep count of what drinks I have had. The total so far is 21 different combinations. My personal favorite was Summer Loving, which features pomegranates, peaches, and fruit punch. 

I have never had the same drink twice, which is hard because I am the type of person who sticks to routine and rarely tries something new. I am that person that orders chicken tenders and cheese curds at restaurants. 

Tea bombs can come in two different sizes: regular and upgraded. Regular is 16 oz priced at $6.00 and the upgraded version is about 30 oz priced at $8.00. These drinks carry 160 mg of caffeine. A tea bomb has only 20 calories per drink, boosts your metabolism, improves digestion, and is loaded with Vitamin C and B12. 

As a college student, the prices are a little scary because they are more expensive than some other coffee joints. However, Daily Spot workers guarantee, “It is worth the money because it doesn’t give you the caffeine crash that other caffeinated drinks give.”

Daily Spot offers way more than just tea bombs. They have protein coffee, shakes, and other healthy alternative drinks and treats. If you do not know which drink you want, the employees are friendly and will help you choose what drink suits your mood. 

I am adamant on trying new drinks every time I walk in the building. I am pretty sure the workers know me by now whether it’s the fact that I am there often or when I walk in I say, “I’m back!” Stay tuned to see if I can make my list a bit longer by trying every drink or if I give up. 

May 7, 2021

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