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Final Mac Events of the Year

by Ashley Duncan–Morningside Activities Council, or MAC as most students know it, offers students a break from the constant onslaught of homework. MAC holds fun activities that range from bingo to street signs to even movie nights for students to have a moment and relax. 

MAC Execs

Not too long-ago MAC held officer elections, resulting in a new board of executives. The MAC president is Emma Hannasch; vice president is Sarah Butcher; secretary is Brett McEachern.

Sarah Butcher says she joined MAC because she wanted to be more involved on campus. “It was my freshmen year and I didn’t want to just sit in my room and everybody at MAC was just so nice,” says Butcher.

Emma Hannasch agreed with Butcher and said, “The atmosphere we have is fun. Very fun and friendly. Love the people.” 

Recently MAC has started a weekly event called Funny Friday. This is where they bring in weekly comedians or magicians for students to enjoy at the end of their week. It is usually held in Bucks or in Eppley Auditorium. Snacks and swag items are accompanied with these events. 

In the next few weeks MAC is coming to an end as the semester winds down and they are putting on some events for students to relax. On April 29, they have DropZone, a place to jump on trampolines and get some pent-up stress out.

May 4 will be ice skating at the IBP ice rink, and May 7 will be movie night. The last event will be MAC Mania, May 8, a blowout of activities for students to release the rest of that finals stress and to begin a good summer. 

April 26, 2021