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A Trip Through the Marvel Universe

by Ashley Duncan-Space. Violence. Friendships. Enemies and infinity stones. I decided it would be a good idea to try and watch all the Marvel movies in timeline order. However, there are roughly 20 of the Marvel movies on Disney plus and I have only made it half way through.

Even though I only made half way through, I still saw the importance to watching the movies in chronological order instead of theatrical order. The difference between these two would be that chronological is the time when the movies were set, and theatrical is the order the movies came out in theaters. 

The first, very important aspect to note about these movies, is that Stan Lee makes a camo in every movie. In the intro to Captain Marvel, they actually pay tribute to the late Stan Lee by having pictures of him fill the Marvel logo. 

It is also very important to make sure to watch all the end scenes after the credits. Each movie has a different end scene, which tends to be important to the next movie or an upcoming movie. They aren’t really spoilers, but they add to the understanding of the movie that the end scene is for. An example would be in Thor: The Dark World’s end scene where it shows two of the Asgardian warriors visiting The Collector with an infinity stone. This scene doesn’t have an importance until the first Guardians of the Galaxy, which is two movies after Thor: The Dark World. Therefore, not a spoiler, but something that catches the eye and the viewer will connect when watching the movies. 

Another fact that is noticed while watching the movies in timeline order is the Tesseract. This energy source, which is also an infinity stone, bounces between movies and realms from person to person. It can be confusing how one person gets it from another and the movies don’t really explain it, but you can see that everybody wants the Tesseract because of its incredible power. This then leads to why Thanos wants all of the infinity stones in the movies Infinity War and Endgame

The way the movies are set up in timeline order make the sequence flow a bit better. You can connect aspects of the movies that you wouldn’t be able to if they were grouped differently. It is sad to note that we have yet to get a back story for the characters Black Widow and Hawkeye; although, Black Widow is getting her movie in July of 2021. Stay tuned to see if I finish the rest of the timeline order.  

April 1, 2021