Kenny do it? Kenny did it: Kenny Osten’s Road to Homecoming King 2020

Kenny do it? Kenny did it: Kenny Osten’s Road to Homecoming King 2020

By Mari Pizzini –

Kenny Osten may have been crowned Morningside’s 2020 Homecoming King, but his “reign” began long before that. Osten has been an important part of Morningside’s student body since he first stepped on campus.

“The second I stepped on campus, it [Morningside] felt like home,” Osten said. “Everyone involved in the transition from high to school to college made me feel wanted and made the transition really smooth.”

Osten’s smooth transition was followed by him diving right into all of Morningside’s possible experiences.  

“I have been involved in Men’s basketball, Men’s volleyball, Pre-Professional Health Club, Chem Club, Morningside Mentors in Science, Tri-Beta, Student Government, I worked as a Student ambassador, an Orientation Student Assistant, and have been a leader in the Breakthrough and United College Ministries,” Osten said. 

Bailey Powers, friend and peer to Osten, is no stranger to his busy, involved schedule, but spoke on how Osten still makes time for the people around him. 

“Kenny is confident and extremely motivated,” Powers said. “He works hard to achieve his goals and enjoys other people’s success.” Powers said that Osten’s constant drive, presence, and experience has made an impact on her life and that he has nurtured her personal confidence and self-respect. 

Kenny Osten and Macie Moore: Homecoming King and Queen 2020

Off-campus, Osten has spent much of his time leading United College Ministry events and becoming involved in Sioux City’s healthcare field.

Osten said that he has always been a follower of Christ, and finding and attending a college that offered faith-centered opportunities was important to his growth at Morningside.

“While being at Morningside, I have been able to find a place of worship that I can call home, I have been involved in some life-changing bible studies, and been able to develop a spiritual support system to help me through the more difficult times of my life,” Osten said. “ I enjoy sharing my passion for our God with others.”

Osten has since led a bible study on campus with Grace Nordquist, and has continued as a leader in United College Ministry despite COVID-19 complications.

In addition to his involvement with Sunnybrook Community Church and United Ministries, Osten has spent much of his time completing internships with UnityPoint Health St. Luke’s Hospital and Drilling Pharmacy.

“It has been really rewarding to be able to meet people in the healthcare field from a first-hand perspective and being able to further my knowledge in the area from those who are active in it,” Osten said. “Morningside has also helped me increase my networking ability, so that I am able to communicate with others from different backgrounds and perspectives.”

Osten is actively pursuing medical school to specialize in pediatric medicine. He hopes to make a difference in the lives of children using the skills and experience he’s gained at Morningside.

 To Osten, being awarded Homecoming King was just the icing on top. 

“Kenny deserved to be homecoming king because he has a generous heart, and he is constantly reaching out to others,” Powers said. “Kenny knows so many people on campus because he loves to get people involved wherever he goes.”

“To me, being Homecoming King means that I have made a positive difference in the Morningside community which has given me so much,” Osten said.

November 4, 2020

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