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‘Outer Banks’ can be your Goonies fix

by Hailey Barrus–Do you remember being a kid and watching the Goonies gang set off on a crazy adventure for One-Eyed Willy and his bountiful treasure? For me I remember the rush I felt watching them escape from the bad guys, the countless booby traps, and of course the treasure that would end up saving the kids’ lives.

Now on Netflix…

For the first time since the Goonies all those feelings I had came rushing back when I watched the Netflix original series “Outer Banks” during quarantine. 

This show checks off all the Goonie check points: a hidden treasure, a ship called the Royal Merchant lost at sea, evil villains trying to seek the $400 million worth of gold from the shipwreck, and of course four best friends who got in way over their heads on a quest to find the treasure and change all their lives forever. 

After being glued to my television for two days straight watching this series I highly recommend it. Not only were there interesting twists, but there was a classic romance, and a tale between the North and the South sides of the small Outer Banks island off the shores of North Carolina. This show is like if West Side Story, The Notebook, and the Goonies had a magical, adventure-seeking baby together. 

So if you’re bored and cooped up in your home during these times, watch “Outer Banks” and you will get your fix for adventure and action all while not leaving the comfort of your couch. 

“Outer Banks” is available now on Netflix.

April 26, 2020