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Morning Conversation

The first person I talked to this morning was my roommate. She was wearing one of the thousands of pairs of jeans she has. Today she was wearing the ones with the jewels all over the butt pocket (which I don’t understand because wouldn’t that hurt to sit down?) with a green sweatshirt. Once we got outside she said she always wearing sweatshirts when its nice out and never wears one when its actually cold outside. It wasn’t a really in depth conversation because my brain doesn’t function before noon very well. Just the typical morning banter about the weather or how tired we are or how much homework we didn’t get done. The usual college student discussion.

News Comment #2



In Rowan County Kentucky, county clerk of courts Kim Davis is facing some backlash after not issuing license to same-sex couples. She is not alone however, many former or current government employees argue that government employees should not be required to recognize same-sex marriage because it goes against their religious beliefs.

Ms. Davis garnered national attention Tuesday when she ignored court rulings and denied marriages licenses to gay couples. Ms. Davis’s lawyer is part of a group called the Liberty Counsel. The Liberty Counsel was founded by Mr. Staver in 1989. This counsel includes 10 lawyers who have had many of cases over the years fighting for the evangelical christians. Same-sex marriage has been a major issue since the rule that same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states. They believe that homosexuality is “against God’s will” and “rooted in fractured emotions.”

Get to know Tori Figge!

  • sport: track/mid distance
  • where do you work: bath and body works & campus security
  • grade: junior class of 2017
  • hometown: rock rapids Iowa
  • high school: Central Lyon high school
  • major: social behavioral science
  • siblings: 1 brother 2 sister
  • living: off campus 
  • extracurricular: student government executive
  • favorite show: grey anatomy is favorite show
  • age: 20 years old (June 3, 1995)
  • favorite music: hip hop and country 
  • where do you see yourself after college: graduate school for criminology 


Tori Figge is a junior here at Morningside College. She was born on June 3, 1995 in rock rapids Iowa. She is the middle child of the family, she has 1 brother and 2 sisters. The main reason she came to Morningside was the family ties that she had with the school. For instance her brother graduated from Morningside and her uncle is on the board and so on. The other reason she came was for the track team. She is a mid distance runner, so she sticks with the 400 & 800 ad sometimes the 600. So you can say she is a fast one. When she’s not on the track you can find her making important decisions because she is a student government executive for the school. She stays really busy with school because she is an social behavioral science major. After a long day of school and practice and being all executive and what not you can find her binge watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix or jamming out to hip hop and country music. After she graduates next year she sees herself going to graduate school for criminology. She is not yet sure where she wants to go for graduate school yet.





What’s your definition of objectivity?

not being bias about a certain topic

Why be objective?

you don’t want to just say your opinion on a topic because what if someone did not agree with your view and they want to see the other side of the topic

How do you do it?

Factual or proven information only when you are writing.



-no emotions

-fair & balanced


total objectivity is impossible

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