Braves fan: ‘I skipped chemo to see Chipper’ Jones–mlb.html

This article is about a dedicated Chipper Jones fan that made a sign that said “I SKIPPED CHEMO TO SEE CHIPPER.” There isn’t much about the fan in the story but it talks about how the fan wanted to see him before he retires. It also said they should meet and that Chipper usually interacts with his dedicated fans.

I think this is good news because it is a feel good story. Even though it doesn’t tell us much and isn’t very long it still sends a feel good message to people. It is something people would want to read. I think the last sentence in the story is good too.

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  1. fuglsang says:

    It would have been a better story if they had done a bit more reporting (as you say). As it is, who knows how true the sign is. has made NCAA signs a regular feature, which inspires fans’ creativity. Discuss with more depth, Shane.

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