Into The Streets

The group I was in for Into The Streets was the basketball team. We were divided into sections and each section was assigned a place in Sioux City and we each had to walk the streets and pick up the trash.

Our assigned place was at Perry Creek trail behind the Hyvee near north Sioux City. This trail was adjacent to a small creek with houses on the other side. Most of the guys I worked with were not excited for this project because it was “way to early to pick up trash.” What they did not know was that there was a little amount of trash along this trail.

As we walked down our trail we saw two other groups cleaning the trail. We met up with them and they told us that they were assigned to the trail too. After hearing this news, Tanner Miller, a member of the basketball team said, “Thank god they are hear too.” We probably cleaned the trail for a total of ten minutes.

The overall experience was good mainly because of the little amount of work that had to be put into it. Kyle Nikkel said “I will do this every day if it means we get out of class.”


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  1. fuglsang says:

    I looked for all these cleaning groups — around 10 am — and all of
    you seemed to be gone already.


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