Corey Matthey personifies the concept of hard work and determination. During his freshman year, he was able to win the conference title single handedly and pull himself to Nationals as a solo act for golf. 

The National Championship was held at TPC Deere Run, Silvis, Illinois (a highly prestigious track where many professionals had suffered). It was the second day of the tournament and the conditions were simply terrible. It had rained all evening and there were no signs of it stopping. Many would’ve accepted defeat to the conditions, but Corey was keen to show no mercy. He had something to prove. 

The rain continued to heavily downpour onto the field throughout the day. Coach Sapp, who travelled with Corey, decided to walk off the course in order to seek shelter from the terrible conditions that lay ahead. Despite all that was going wrong around him, Corey was able to stay focused and put his hard work into action during the second day to make sure he made the cut. 

The conditions resulted in many players surrendering themselves to the course. Grips became too wet to handle properly. The ground became too soft to make solid contact. Players soaked through from head to toe. This only played to Corey’s strengths and helped him to achieve a impressive 21st place finish overall.

Battling through these conditions shows the determination required to be a strong athlete, both mentally and physically. 


  1. fuglsang says

    Cut the first sentence. Let the story SHOW readers, rather than tell.

    “Track” in the second graf confused me. WOuldn’t “course” better?

    Good anecdote. Looking forward to the story.