Conversation / Description

6ft2, 200 lbs, short but long on top hazelnut hair (often scruffy). Patchy beard which isn’t that long right now. Relatively hunched shoulders, always leaning forward. Soft spoken English accent, typically quite understandable.

I had a conversation with Jonny last night before going to bed whilst throwing some darts (we weren’t playing, just throwing). We were briefly discussing the current NBA season and how teams were performing. Our main focus was on the Timberwolves as they had beat the Spurs a couple hours earlier. It wasn’t a long conversation, maybe 5 minutes tops. We also discussed plans we had for the weekend when we go up to Minneapolis to watch a game. We discussed how to break down petrol costs for the drive there and back and how we plan to split the time up.


  1. crstaff says

    That first sentence sounds like Jonny, especially the hunched shoulders and forward lean. Like he’s walking against a head wind.

    “Typically quite understandable.” What should I make of this? Are there a lot of English men who are not understandable?