News Comment – Boxing

Joshua seeks revenge against Ruiz on Saturday night.

The pair previously fought on June 1, 2019 where there was a monumental upset. Joshua was set to fight Jarrell Miller (who was disqualified for failing 3 drug tests).

Ruiz came into the picture as a stand in for Miller, who was successfully able to beat the strong favorite with a TKO in the 7th round of the fight.

This fight was compared to one of the biggest upsets in sporting history, being compared to the famous fight between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas which had a similar result.

After the fight, Joshua was determined to get a rematch on the cards. During the first fight, the IBF, WBO, IBO and WBA belts were all on the line. Joshua was expected to retain them, however, the large upset resulted in the transfer of these 4 belts to Ruiz.

The other belt is currently held the Deontay Wilder of the USA. Joshua was keen to establish a fight in order to ensure his unification of all the belts available in the sport but was defeated before he had the chance.

Explosion at the MCM

An explosion has been reported at 9:53am in the MCM Mall. The explosion came from within the food court but the actual location has not yet been identified.

Officials are currently unable to identify the source and are unaware of the individuals who have been effected by the blasts. Their thoughts are with the families who have been effected by the blast.

Police are still trying to the clear the area of debris so they can make their way into the building safely and ensure no other casualties occur during this time.

During a press conference with Captain Fuglsang , it was made clear that the investigation is currently being taken as a ‘accident,’ unless future evidence is provided to change this opinion. The police force are currently reviewing video evidence to potentially identify what may have caused this explosion to prevent such events in the future.

The injured individuals have been spread out across the city to various hospitals to ensure they receive excellent care and make a fast recovery. There are reports of a missing child who was separated from her father prior to the explosion who is yet to be identified.

A thorough investigation needs to take place in order to check the previous safety standards and the direct cause to this investigation. There is currently no accusation placed on any individual or company at this time.


Corey Matthey personifies the concept of hard work and determination. During his freshman year, he was able to win the conference title single handedly and pull himself to Nationals as a solo act for golf. 

The National Championship was held at TPC Deere Run, Silvis, Illinois (a highly prestigious track where many professionals had suffered). It was the second day of the tournament and the conditions were simply terrible. It had rained all evening and there were no signs of it stopping. Many would’ve accepted defeat to the conditions, but Corey was keen to show no mercy. He had something to prove. 

The rain continued to heavily downpour onto the field throughout the day. Coach Sapp, who travelled with Corey, decided to walk off the course in order to seek shelter from the terrible conditions that lay ahead. Despite all that was going wrong around him, Corey was able to stay focused and put his hard work into action during the second day to make sure he made the cut. 

The conditions resulted in many players surrendering themselves to the course. Grips became too wet to handle properly. The ground became too soft to make solid contact. Players soaked through from head to toe. This only played to Corey’s strengths and helped him to achieve a impressive 21st place finish overall.

Battling through these conditions shows the determination required to be a strong athlete, both mentally and physically. 

Prince Andrew Backs Out

Prince Andrew has requested permission from the Queen to “withdraw” from royal family duties due to recent associations with Jeffery Epstein.

The Prince has suffered a great amount of backlash after his recent BBC interview where he admitted to being affiliated with previously passed Jeffery Epstein. Prince Andrew also made it clear that he feels sympathy for the victims and their families.

Big corporations and charities such as Barclays have began to dissociate themselves with the Prince due to his words and actions.

The Duke had made it clear he first met Epstein through his girlfriend back in 1999, who had been a friend since their time at university.

It is understood that Prince Andrew will no longer activity take part in public activities due to this confusion with Epstein.

His final time meeting with Epstein was in 2010, to which the prince described as a “wrong decision”.

Conversation / Description

6ft2, 200 lbs, short but long on top hazelnut hair (often scruffy). Patchy beard which isn’t that long right now. Relatively hunched shoulders, always leaning forward. Soft spoken English accent, typically quite understandable.

I had a conversation with Jonny last night before going to bed whilst throwing some darts (we weren’t playing, just throwing). We were briefly discussing the current NBA season and how teams were performing. Our main focus was on the Timberwolves as they had beat the Spurs a couple hours earlier. It wasn’t a long conversation, maybe 5 minutes tops. We also discussed plans we had for the weekend when we go up to Minneapolis to watch a game. We discussed how to break down petrol costs for the drive there and back and how we plan to split the time up.

Class Mate Story 2

Meet Okan Golge!

As a young kid, Okan would often find himself fixated on his childhood hero; Ronaldhino. Okan would come home and sit in front of his computer watching one of the greatest play for hours and hours. “He could do things with his feet some can’t even do with their hands,” explained Okan. 

Okan comes from a relatively large town called Köln, Germany, where he has 2 siblings back home – a younger brother and an older sister.

Okan is a sophomore here at Morningside College. He is currently here on a soccer scholarship and plays with number 10 on his back. However, he plays more of a 9 role which is a lead striker and this has helped him break a couple of school records. 

Last year, Okan was able to score 8 goals for the Mustangs and also had 3 assists to his name to round off a first successful college season/career. 

When discussing the future of the Morningside soccer team, Okan spoke with great confidence and explained how the team can produce a high amount of success. 

Morningside was able to successfully win a GPAC title against rival side Briar Cliff in a game that ended 3-2. Despite Okan’s absence after a suspicious red card early on, the team was able to pull together and get the job done.

News Story 12

South Western Rail employees announce strike plans for 27 days during the month of December around the London area.

The Rail, Maritime and Transport union claims that the workers of SWR are simply left with “no choice” but to take action against the industry.

SWR spoke out and said they were “extremely disappointed” by the plans of the union and their workers.

These plans will dramatically effect peoples plans for both work and the Christmas break. Individuals will have to find alternative methods of transport to get to the city capital if the strike was to go ahead.

Targeting the Christmas period shows the “lack of concern” that the RMT continue to have for South Western’s customers. Many may have to change their holiday plans incase these plans go ahead.

Story #3 Draft

Story 1: The science story

Story 2: NCAA allowing students to receive money (

Story 3: UK General Election:  (


Story 1:

A seal sustained multiple injuries from plastic waste in the ocean.

Flowerpot was discovered and rescued on a Norfolk beach with its head stuck in a piece of plastic waste left in the ocean.

This was the 51st animal which has been recovered by the RSPCA and taken in for treatment. The charity has said the injuries sustained from this plastic will take months to heal and have caused a considerable amount of pain to the seal (named Flowerpot).

With the use of bone pliers, the RSPCA were successfully able to cut the plastic away from the seals neck and allow freedom. Flowerpot will have to have daily salt baths in order to help heal the deep wound which surrounds the neck area. Flowerpot will also be on antibiotics to ensure a sustainable recovery.

Flowerpot would’ve been “restricted” in the wild which would’ve made the seal very easy prey to predators.

Story 2:

The NCAA has stated they intend to allow their athletes to receive compensation with the use of their name or image.

The board of governors made a decision to vote on the controversial topic. In this vote they were deciphering whether the student athletes should benefit from their name, image and likeliness. 

Michael Drake claimed that the board want to provide “the best possible experience” for these college students and insisted there would be “additional flexibility” within the NCAA.

However, it has not yet been made clear when these new changes will come into full effect. 

Story 3: 

Boris Johnson has called for another General Election to take place on December 12th, 2019

The decision was made in attempt to hopefully end the constant stalemate which continues to grow as the weeks continue.

Parties will compete for 650 seats across the country. 326 will bring a majority to any party. 

It is understood that Johnson has called for an election in order to achieve greater voting power in the House of Commons. Johnson’s Conservative party does not currently hold a majority, but the prime minster hopes this snap election will bring one. 

A majority would mean Johnson could begin to pass legislation on Brexit with far greater ease as his party would hold that crucial majority in the commons.