Prince Andrew Backs Out

Prince Andrew has requested permission from the Queen to “withdraw” from royal family duties due to recent associations with Jeffery Epstein.

The Prince has suffered a great amount of backlash after his recent BBC interview where he admitted to being affiliated with previously passed Jeffery Epstein. Prince Andrew also made it clear that he feels sympathy for the victims and their families.

Big corporations and charities such as Barclays have began to dissociate themselves with the Prince due to his words and actions.

The Duke had made it clear he first met Epstein through his girlfriend back in 1999, who had been a friend since their time at university.

It is understood that Prince Andrew will no longer activity take part in public activities due to this confusion with Epstein.

His final time meeting with Epstein was in 2010, to which the prince described as a “wrong decision”.


  1. fuglsang says

    An interesting time to be English. I like the way the main story has very little about Epstein. It’s in the analysis section at the end that the BBC gets rough.

    Your comment is mostly summary. If this story was happening in America, would it be different in any way? How does BBC coverage compare to Americanmedia, like the Times or NBC?