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September 19, 2019 | Comments Off on Netflix Recommendation & Mustangs Logo

Netflix Recommendation Today I interviewed Mikayla Marching, sophomore at Morningside College, about her favorite Netflix show. She was a random person on campus that I picked, so there was no specific reason for the choice. She reacted like she did not necessarily wanted to talk to a stranger but she was still kind and polite. […]

Former Steelers wide receiver signs with Patriots after publicly sharing his frustration about Raiders organization, which released him three days ago without playing him for a single game. By Okan Golge Just a few hours after his release by the Oakland Raiders, Antonio Brown signed with the New England Patriots on a one year, $15 million […]

The Vox news article “Joe Biden is in trouble over a fundraiser tied to a fossil fuel company” published by Ella Nielsen on September 4, 2019, deals with a case that might have an influence on Joe Bidden Chances for his candidacy for 2020. The former Vice president had committed to attend a fundraiser event, which […]