Anecdote: Usa in the USA

November 30, 2019 | Comments Off on Anecdote: Usa in the USA

Getting stopped by the police at every flight you attend in US sounds like a lot of fun doesn’t it. That is what Use has to deal with, since the beginning of his collegiate career. Being born in Baghdad, Iran is definitely not a benefit if you fly to the United States; especially after the […]


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She was blonde and had green, hazel eyes . She was around 5’6 and she looked athletic. She was wearing black pants and grey running shoes. Her coat was black and she was wearing a dark green beanie. The backpack she wore, was blue and had flowers on it. Her voice is high but not […]

Welcome to the MCTV news! We start today of with a local issue that erupted controversy.  A Northeastern Iowa man has been sentenced to seven days in jail. Forty-two-year-old Jason O’Neil Johnson was found guilty for torturing a family dog. In May 2019, he was seen holding down the dog named daisy and beating her […]

Storey’s Story

November 11, 2019 | Leave a Comment

A hole in one. That’s the goal of every golf player. When Sam Storey hit his first and only hole in one back in 2012 when he was playing with his grandpa in France, he threw his club up in the air and ran towards hole, his grandpa could not keep up. “Pure pandemonium, pure […]

First Draft: Story #3 Broadcast

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Alex Morgan plans on playing in the 2020 Olympics. Morgan is expecting her first child in April and Tokyo games start just 3 months later.  She had a tremendous impact on the US women’s national team in the recent years by scoring over a hundred goals during her career. “It’s my goal to play there… […]