The Vox news article “Joe Biden is in trouble over a fundraiser tied to a fossil fuel company” published by Ella Nielsen on September 4, 2019, deals with a case that might have an influence on Joe Bidden Chances for his candidacy for 2020.

The former Vice president had committed to attend a fundraiser event, which was partially sponsored and hosted by Andrew Goldman. Goldman is a co-founder of LNG, a natural gas producer. During the CNN climate town hall on Wednesday night Biden got confronted by Isaac Larkin in the audience, who is a supporter of Bernie Sanders. Larkin asked Biden if he thinks that he is still trustful, when he accepts financial help by gas industry even though he always pledged to not do so. Biden defended himself by not knowing that Goldman was a co-founder and that his team and Biden only checked if Goldman is executing an active role in the company. Biden added, that know after he knows what Goldman backstory is, he might consider again if he attends the fundraiser or not.

The writer, Ella Nielsen, does a really good job in this story, showing both sides of a discussion but giving one more depth, because it is the logical right opinion. She explicitly explains Biden’s mistake and gives his argument of “not being aware of the situation” a way shorter paragraph. It is simply a mistake that should not have happened to a presidency candidate and his team. Nielsen is therefore not confusing her audience by giving both side equal length but clearly shows where the mistake is. Just like we talked in class it is not always necessary to give each opinion equal value, it just causes confusion.For me as a Biden supporter it is not a big deal though, since he did not yet attend and accepted any money from those people who are involved in the gas industry. It also a mature move to say “he may rethink his decision of going to the fundraiser”. It doesn’t make him look untrustworthy and he still kind of stays to his decision. 





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