Media Comparison

Print story:

Broadcast story:

Bernie Sanders announced on the social media platform about his plans to legalize marijuana. Both leads have hooks on to get a reader interested in the story, but the print story is more informational. Sanders argued that the criminalization of the drug has ravaged communities of color and created an unequal incarceration rate.

The broadcast version focuses on the multiple Democratic candidates who want to legalize marijuana. All candidates looking to have politics catch up tot he modern culture. The printed version in comparison only focuses on Bernie’s future plans for legalizing marijuana if he is elected into the presidency. In his campaign, Bernie proclaims, “Legalize it, don’t criticize it.” It gives the definite plan he wants to execute and reasons for why he wants this legalization to happen, so it can impact lives.

In the news clip you have multiple sources being quoted. Mayor Pete of Las Vegas admitted to smoking pot in his past. Also, besides quoting candidates on why and if they did participate in doing drugs, the new anchors use their input to comprehend the reactions form the voters. The print version doesn’t have multiple sources or viewpoints on Bernie Sander’s plan of action for the future.

The attribution in the printed article is stated in Bernie’s campaign goal is to, “…legalize marijuana and vacate and expunge past marijuana convictions.” as well as in the news clip on Bernie’s radio interview and with The Five’s quoting his campaign promise.

The video has an advantage over the article, due to it’s visual evidence for the other candidates and its discussion with the news anchors about the topic. In the article you can only hear one voice, and that voice is speaking of Bernie’s plans and reasons. There aren’t background noises or impacting sounds in the interviews and during the discussions. As for the print story, it gives more visuals on Bernie’s social media posts, and direct quotes from him about the topic.

What I found interesting between the two versions the broadcast was definitely more engaging than the print story. The clip included different politicians, as well as keeping the prime subject (marijuana) in full view. The article seemed to be a brief article, not really reaching out to make sure its content was interesting besides using the big name of Bernie Sanders and marijuana legalization in the same sentence.


  1. Yes, Fox (video) took advantage of Sanders’ statement to do a a broader piece. The Five is also a show that is supposed to be talky (and funny, I guess). The pieces can be longer.

    The Alaskan bubbles:
    Separate the sentences into paragraphs.
    The leads are OK. At some point you should include a “So what.” Why should people be con-cerned about exploding bubbles in Alaska?