Sensory Details

How people describe how their food’s taste totally alters their experience having the treat/snack. Your feedback is then noted as a review and basically it makes your opinion real/valuable. 

How I describe how my food tastes is the “make or break” on if I would ever eat this food again. In class today, Fuglsang offered us candy orange slices, Snoballs, deviled eggs, vegetables, and Piroulines for us to eat and describe our experience. Since I’m picky I chose the Pirouline because I couldn’t make up my mind. Taking it out of it’s container I noticed the outside texture was bumpy but smooth. I brought it up to my nose to smell it and didn’t get a strong smell of chocolate which disappointed me because the inside appears to be chocolate filling. 

Finally tasting it I found this is just an average treat. The chocolate texture wasn’t as smooth, and the crunch from the outside left it a weird combination of texture. It was more like grainy mud on the inside of the straw treat. Sadly my Pirouline chocolate experience wasn’t as amazing as I thought.


  1. Grainy mud? Yum! A nice job of creating context and relevance.

    Building up excitement, only to be let down, makes for a fun story.