Scavenger Hunt in 30 mins or less.

No one knew when the clock hit 11:00 o’clock this Thursday morning students in COMM 208 would have to get up and go up to random strangers questions for an assignment. Professor Fuglsang randomly let us pick our poison.

For me, my two items on the scavenger hunt list were asking someone a “knock knock” joke and to find a thick rubber band. When I read my list at first I thought, “What? This is stupid, who’s going to magically have a rubber band in the pocket?” Despite me begrudgingly having to run around campus and spring up to strangers, I went out on my quest.

As soon as I stepped out of the library I ambled around looking for anyone. My classmates who were ahead were already talking to stragling students, I thought my choices were thin. Turning around I spotted two girls. My legs raced over to them, vibrantly asking if they would tell me a “knock knock” joke.

The student I asked, Freshman Katie Murphy, grinned happily at the hurried request. Her friend walking with her chuckled, “What a perfect person to ask!”

Katie stood for a moment or so searching her brain for a good one to share. Obviously so many things were rushing in her mind, she anxiously pulled on her hoodie that read “Morningside Softball.”

I stood with a smile waiting and taking notes on the situation. Katie resorted to looking at her phone for the perfect joke. Her friend kept laughing at her as she searched the internet. In the process of the joke escapade I asked if one of them had a thick rubber band. Sadly they said no, which bummed me out, so that meant I’d have to run around more to find it.

“We’re just going to wing it,” Katie sighed giving up. She smiled and shared her joke.

“Knock knock.”

“Who’s there?” I replied.


“Cash Who?”

She snorted, “No thanks, I’ll have peanuts!”

My mind drew a complete blank trying to connect the dots. When I did it was an aha! moment. The girls laughed and said their goodbyes as I thanked them.

From then on I ran in my Birkenstocks up to random people demanding if they had a thick rubber band. Many stared at me like I lost my mind, which I did because time was ticking down before we had to return and write our experience.

After 3 attempts I peered to my right and saw the Krone Advising Center. Pushing for time I ripped open the door to see Shari Benson behind her desk.

She barely glimpsed at me before assuming I as apart of the scavenger hunt. I nodded eagerly asking her if they had that stupid thick rubber band.

Shari gasped, “Ohhh!” She sprang from her chair going into someone’s office. With a hoot and a holler she came out holding one.

“You’re lucky today,” She exclaimed

I thanked her properly and said my goodbye to Katie Roskie and Shari who wished me luck and gave some ideas on how to describe my experience.

So my experience is flying off the seam of your pants for an interview is hard but exciting at the same time.


  1. Begrudgingly. Ambled. Escapade. … a hoot and a holler.

    A strong vocabulary is a gift that keeps on giving.

    What a hoot!