Positivite Attitude, Positive Life

Photo courtesy of https://twitter.com/alexjwatters

Alex Watters, a City Councilman of Sioux City and the Career Development Specialist at Morningside, has tried his hardest to live a life that radiates positivity and self-support.

He came to Morningside in 2004 as a freshman in college on a golf scholarship with a dream to become a teaching pro. “When I was 18, like many teenagers, I was very self-centered and worried about three things: making money, talking to girls, and golf,” Watters said. 

Just two weeks into his freshman year, he was involved in an accident that left him unable to move from the waist down with limited functioning in his arms. 

Although life-altering, this accident did not stop Watters from achieving great success, going back to school and furthering a career in political science, an area he is very passionate about.

“I think you can really make a difference in politics. Politics are so perverted and misdirected now that people forget politicians are there to make a difference,” Watters explained.

Watters has worked on multiple campaigns throughout his life, but he realized how big of an impact he had during his time working for former President Barack Obama as a field organizer here in Sioux City. A volunteer came in who wanted to help but was unable to knock on doors, so Watters hired her as the office manager. Even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal to most, this woman felt like Watters gave her life purpose.

Along with his achievements in politics, Watters also finds inspiration in focusing time and effort into his advisees here on Morningside’s campus. 

“The most fulfilling part of my job is seeing students succeed and being a part of that success!” Watters said.

Watters says he understands there’s privilege in the world, but ultimately, people determine their destiny. 

The best piece of advice Watters had to offer was that “You truly determine your destiny, what you’re going to do, and what you’re going to achieve.”