About Me

Welcome to my site! My name is Kassidy Joy Lynn Hart and I’m a sophomore at Morningside College, majoring in Secondary English Education and minoring in Journalism. One day I hope to achieve my dreams of becoming an English and Journalism High School teacher in an area that needs me! But, for now, I’m enjoying my time in college.

Activities I am involved in at Morningside:

  • Women’s Tennis Team
  • Theatre Productions and Activities (APO Secretary)
  • ALD as Recruitment Chair
  • Connie Wilmer Women’s Leadership

A couple of random facts about me… My parents met when they were young and in South Korea for the army and got married there. Not long after, they had me! I have two younger brothers and an older (half) sister. I also have one dog, Fenway the Wheaten Terrier, and three cats. My oldest cat is 13 years old and the other two are only a couple of years old. I can never chose a side when asked the question, “Are you a dog or cat person?”.

I love learning and am super excited to be back on campus for another wonderful, yet extremely busy, year!