“Scientists Find Water Vapor on the Most Habitable Exoplanet Yet” by Daniel Oberhaus Comments

According to Journalist Daniel Oberhaus, a team of astronomers from University College London announced Wednesday that they detected water vapor in a “super-Earth” planet outside of our solar system. According to their findings via the Hubble Space Telescope, this planet is the only planet outside of our solar system that has the correct temperature to support water has an atmosphere with vapor in it. The astronomers do not believe life, or even liquid, could be found on the planet but it does have one of the criteria required for a habitable exoplanet. 

This article was extremely long and repetitive of what the proper title of this planet should be. It was too lengthy in the format of each paragraph, making it hard to stay focused since there was so much text on the screen. I did not like that the author’s name was not up by the title but instead placed at the bottom of the story, along with a short bibliography of him. I also found the headline misleading. Before reading the article, I thought maybe they found a planet with life on it, which would be major news, but as I began reading I soon realized that the planet just had a characteristic needed for a habitable planet. It did have an interesting topic that included a rare finding, though, so the story itself was definitely worth writing about.

“A young swimmer was disqualified after a race for how her swimsuit fit her body. The outcry led to a reversal” by Ryan Prior Comments

 Journalist Ryan Prior reports that on Friday in Anchorage, Alaska, a high school swimmer was disqualified because of her swimsuit. She swam and won a heart during the meet, but an anonymous race official said her swimsuit shifted and showed too much of her rear. Since no one had made the disqualification before she swam in the meet, the “heavy-handed and unnecessary” disqualification was tossed out. The high schooler’s mother called it sexual harassment because the school-issued swimsuit only shifted because of the girl’s body type. The director of sports for the National Federation of State High School Associations brought out a diagram of “Appropriate and Inappropriate Female Suit Coverage” that the mother called outdated, representing a 1950’s swimsuit style and model.

The most interesting part of this article was the fact that it was chunked with titles, like you see in textbooks. Every time it introduced a new idea, like the mother believing it to be sexual harassment or the diagram being brought into the argument, it would have a centered title that introduced the idea. This made it easier to transition and understand the shift. Prior wrote a story about a girl in Alaska but because it involved a conflict that might be relatable for people all the nation, it was newsworthy. High schools deal with dress code problems everywhere, so I think that reporting on an event that not only tells a story but also offers the solution to that specific situation.