Two New Friends!

Fuglsang assigns Scavenger Hunt to practice interviewing – these were my two items!

Object 1: A selfie with your subject.

Sophomore Amber Stone was sitting in the Walker Science Atrium, doing homework for her statistic class when I rudely interrupted her. Her homework was centered around “standard deviations” and other basic concepts for the class. As a transfer biology major from Hamlin University, Stone doesn’t quite know which branch of biology she would like to work in, but understands the need for statistics in the area. 

“I transferred to Morningside from Hamlin because I was already coming here to visit my sister a lot,” Stone said.

Stone’s sister is a fifth-year senior and the girls have grown up going to school together, so it only feels right they continue that tradition in college. “Her friend group and my friend group blend together well, so we are usually together!” exclaimed Stone.

Although Morningside is a change, Stone seemed to be enjoying her first year here. She joined the choir, which she was not able to do at Hamlin, and expressed to be adjusting to the Sioux City College well.

Object 2: A movie recommendation

Morningside student Deborah Allard had just set her lunch bag and books down with friend Kaitlyn Stewart. Preparing to study, I wanted to find out a movie recommendation she had. After a moment of hesitation, Allard confidently said “I would recommend the movie Spirited Away”. 

Explaining the plot, Allard told me that the movie is about a girl who moves to a traditional Japanese cultured town, where there are spirits all around. The girl’s parents turn into pigs and her own memories are wiped away, leaving the character to try to overcome the challenges she faces of being trapped by spirits and becoming herself again. 

“I was about 5 to 7 when I saw it, and I found it very entertaining because it had magical creatures and elements in it.”

I asked if she was scared at all when she initially saw it, and besides the bad guy in it, she very much enjoyed the movie without having any nightmares afterward.