Quick Reflection over Article #1

I put a lot of my effort into writing and revising the lead and first couple of paragraphs in my sentence that regard to Morningside’s tradition of “survivor night”. I wish I would’ve spent more time looking for articles and sources that could help effectively support or add information to the story, I just knew there would be little to none about Morningside parties so that discouraged me a bit.

The most difficult part of the process was choosing multiple articles and quotes that could fit in with what my story was about. My story was more specific to Morningside College and because it’s a smaller and more reserved school, there were no articles relating to the parties that take place on campus. So, I had to instead use articles that referred to different police in Iowa that would most likely be following the same guidelines as Sioux City Police and other Iowa colleges that may have seen consequences ensue from partying. I also used an article referring to the possible consequences of police busting a house party, according to attorneys. 

The biggest problem I encountered when writing this article was the switch form general Iowa marijuana laws to the campus specific parties caused me to have writers’ block a few different times. I would have a good idea of how to transition and then I found myself not being able to execute it that well. I solved this problem by writing paragraphs I knew I wanted to include and going back through to add transitions that may make the story and information flow a bit better.