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My Vision

Friday, October 29th, 2010

My vision for my college career is to have fun here and do what I came here to do. I mean I am on the golf team and I plan on playing well and leaving here with a good memory and knowing that the golf team is a great team. I also want to become a teacher and I plan on taking all the classes I need and become a great teacher. That is my vision for my college career. 🙂

My Role At M’side!

Monday, October 18th, 2010

It is important to understand the history of a place, because that way you will understand what has made that place what it is today. If you do not understand what had happened then how can you appriciate what had happened? You may think that it is just a place that was built over night. Guess what, it wasn’t. Every single person plays a role in history. Whether it is a place or a event, everyone plays a role. It is also important to know what role you play so you can help make a differnece. It is amazing to see what one person can do. For example, Alex Watters broke his neck and was paralyzed and now there is a ramp in Epply for people in wheelchairs. That is a pretty cool thing. The role that I will play at Morningside is being myself and knowing what I can do in order to be who I am. Who knows, maybe I will make a differnce in the teaching world, or maybe just set a good reputation for the golf team. Yep, that sounds more realistic in my life. Me being a golfer and everything, setting a good reputation for the golf team sounds a lot more like me. See I can play that role and you can play one too! 🙂

Who Am I?

Friday, October 15th, 2010

Who am I today with 8 weeks of college over? It is hard to say because I do not see much changes. I am a little homesick, but doing ok, I have more responsibilities, and I have just noticed that I take things for granted and I have changed that. Another that is important is good things come to those who wait. It is true whether you believe it or not. I have over come the fear of being myself around people I do not know. I was always scared of what people would think, but the truth is jsut be yourself and people will like you for that reason. One thing that I tried doing was living life to the fullest and letting life take me where it does and do not worry about the outcome becasue your freinds and family will always be there for you no matter what. 🙂

Majors and Experience

Thursday, October 14th, 2010

My major is Elementry Education right now. The reason I picked this major is because I love little kids and helping them. Also, I want to be able to help kids love learning at an early age. When I was little I hated school because I thought that I couldn’t learn and that I was stupid. My brother was in all honors and I wasn’t even close. I found out that I had ADD when I was a sophomore in high school. Once I knew what I had, i felt a little bit better, however, I felt like I had something wrong with me. I realized that there was nothing wrong with me and I can learn, it is just a matter of how I learn. Once that happned, I loved going to school because I could learn and listen better and also pay attention better. It also gave me more free time because I could do my hw faster and have it not take me 3 hours. It was nice. The bad part is that I was told that I was unable to go to college because I was not smart enough and people at school made fun of me. An adult that was the boss of the tutoring place I went to, to catch up, is the one who told me I wasn’t smart enough to go to college. I proved him sooo wrong and he knows it. He did finally apologize for saying that because I told him that it hurt. He said I did not mean anything by it and I was like well to me it means something because I have a disability and it is not funny so you should not have said it if you did not mean anything by it. Anyways, that is why I want to become a teacher so I can help kids that have those disabilities and do not know it, I can help recognize it, and to help kids love to learn at an early age because it can be fun! I have learned in college that time management is good to know. Also stay on top of things and talk to your teachers if you need help. Some teachers, most teachers, will help you. There will be a few who are just not really “fit” to be a teacher, but you learn how to deal with it. Mainly, study/work hard and have fun! There hasn’t been really any differnece in the classroom experience for me. The only differnece is that I am not singled out anymore and I am not getting made fun of. I love that. I mean I actually have fun in most of my classes. Well, actually in all my classes just sometimes I don’t. But most of the time it is fun. I love it! 🙂

Writng Process

Monday, October 11th, 2010

My writing process was not as well as I would have liked it to be. I did not start as soon as I should have and had a hard time thinking of what to write. I did do aome good things in this paper, such as put in details and more examples. I was happy with that. I have learned that I need to start my papers earlier, which I normally do, I just did not this time. I still got it done though. That was my writting process. 🙂

Academic Articles

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

My academic articles just talk about happiness. One of them talks about how people focus on happpiness goals more than career goals. That is a little suprising. I mean if you look at college students as a whole, a lot of people want to party and focus on what makes them happy instead of homework. So in a way it is not suprising, but in a way it is. The other article talked about how experiences makes people happy. Certain experiences do and others do not. So it is based on the experiences you have. 🙂


Monday, October 4th, 2010

I don’t think that positive thinking can destroy the economy. Then again it depends on what you consider positive thinking. If you think that terrorism is positive then that would destroy the economy and a lot of things. However, it you think that you should never give up, then that could help the economy. For example, some people think that working for what you want in life would make you happy, and that could very well help the economy. Working for a store, a church, or helping out the community, that would help the economy, not destroy it. So positive thinking does not always result in destroying the economy. Positive thinking can get you a lot of places. 🙂

My Ideal Job!

Friday, October 1st, 2010

What I plan to do after I graduate is a very hard questions, in a way. You have a vision of what you want to do, but sometimes those visions change. Even if it is unexpected. Most the time it is. However, that is not a bad thing. It is just normal. Maybe your friends will not change their mind and that just means that they know what they want to do and are on that track. Do not feel bad if you change your mind and they do not. It is not a problem. At all. Remember that. My ideal job is to be a LPGA (Ladies professional golf association) golfer. However, I do have a back up ideal job. That is to be a Elementry School teacher. That is more than likely what I will be doing after I graduate. Then again, you never know. The thing I always tell myself is believe in yourself and dream. Two people that I know and love told me that. I will never forget that. The one to remember is BELIEVE and DREAM! 🙂