The experience of Eating a Monster Buddy

Loud rustling of plastic. Something cold and soft inside the bag. Before you open a pack of monster buddies you can only hear it and feel the gummies a little bit. You can’t smell, see, or taste the candy. Not yet.

Then, your other senses come into play. You stick your nose into the slightly opened bag and smell a mixture of fruits, sugar, and chemistry. It smells unhealthy. As you look into the bag you see little gummies in the form of monsters in a variety of colors, from blue over orange and red to green. You take one out and start to squeeze it. You take some more and start to play with them. You notice they’re elastic and sticky. The gummies themselves don’t make much noise, just the bag. The only thing left to do is to taste them – they taste like they smell. Very chemical and fruity – like trash.

1 thought on “The experience of Eating a Monster Buddy

  1. fuglsang

    I like the smell of “chemistry.” That pretty much describes 90 percent of what we eat.

    Good mix of objective and sensory detail.

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