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8 women and 8 men: Germany gets its first gender-equal cabinet.
By Katrin Bennhold (The New York Times)

One day after the three-party coalition contract was finally signed, Katrin Bennhold addresses Germany’s new government in an article, focussing on the fact that there will be the first gender-equal cabinet in the history of the nation. It also talks about gender equality in the 16 years on Merkel’s watch and briefly introduces some of the female ministers of the cabinet.

Considering the big role of German politics in the world and that the ministers for the cabinet were presented very recently – this Monday -, it’s safe to say that writing about it is definitely news-worthy. Putting the focus on gender parity is a very interesting choice, but it’s a highly important topic to talk about, in my opinion.
I really like the quotes the author incorporated, especially the variety since they come from four different people.
I think the author could have done a better job in making the article appealing to today’s audience. The sentence structure and word choice seem a little too complex at times. In addition, the paragraphs and the article, in general, could have been slightly shorter, even though I personally didn’t mind the length.
All in all, I thought the article was interesting and well-written.

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  1. fuglsang

    The NYT is written for an upscale, educated audience. People like me, I suppose. But even I get bored at times.
    The cabinet is gender balanced, but as far as I can tell they’re all white. What sort of minority representation does Germany have?

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