Daily Archives: December 1, 2021

News Comment #13

Ellen White breaks record as merciless England thrash Latvia 20-0
By Suzanne Wrack (The Guardian)

The article addresses the recent Women’s soccer game of the English against the Latvian national team in the World Cup qualifier. It talks about a goal record that Ellen White broke during that game and about the course of the game in general. 

This was probably one of the articles I enjoyed reading the most. I liked that there was a short two-sentence summary before the article to really quickly summarize what the article is about. The scene-setting lead kind of brought me in the right mood for the article, and I think worked very well for that story. In general, there are many nice descriptions, and the article is more showing instead of telling. Another positive aspect is that the author included quotes from Ellen White on her emotions and also quoted England’s manager who implemented the high win in a broader, problematical context, which was very interesting. The only thing I want to criticize is the length of the article. While it’s not particularly long, the last few paragraphs seemed unnecessary to me.