Daily Archives: October 5, 2021

News Comment #6

‘It was scary at first’: social media users on the Facebook outage

By Clea Skopeliti and Rachel Obordo (The Guardian)

The article addresses the worldwide Facebook outage this Monday. For the most part, three people comment on the outage and the impact it had on them.

The topic is very news-worthy, given that it is related to a recent event impacting people all over the world.
I like that the authors introduce the issue they’re talking about by summarizing what happened at the beginning. Thus, everybody can understand what the people whose stories are depicted in the article are referring to.
In general, I found the article to be very unusual, considering that quotes make up for almost all of the text. I, personally, think it’s too much quoting. Instead, the authors should have paraphrased what the three individuals said and picked out some good quotes. I simply didn’t enjoy reading an article written in that style, even though I understand that other people might.
What I liked is the shortness of the article, and, especially, that differing points of view are reflected. Two of the three people have been negatively affected by the outage, but not for the same reason, and one person even found a lot of positives in it.