Going down to Olsen Stadium in the Morning

I go to the stadium every day. Normally, I go down there at 5:30 pm for practice. At that time, it would be very humid down there, and about 45 people, coaches and other players, would be there with me. While we put our gear on, the football team would slowly finish their practice and leave. When we’re cooling down after practice, the men’s soccer team would come down and start their warm-up. There would be a lot of noise all the time – soccer balls getting kicked, people talking.

Then, the other day, I went down to the stadium in the morning before class. The place didn’t look much different, but it felt different. Unlike most afternoons, it was still cold, even though the sun was already up. I’d say about 45 degrees, which is very low compared to the 73 degrees we had later that day. Even though I was running on the track, I was freezing more than I was sweating. My nose hurt a bit from breathing the cold air, but I enjoyed it because it felt fresh instead of humid and sweaty. Another thing I found very unusual was the silence. There was only one other runner down there. Apart from the wind blowing through the stadium, I didn’t hear any noises, in contrast to all the noises when there are other people down there. It’s funny how similar and different a place can be at the same time when you visit it under unusual circumstances.

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  1. fuglsang

    When I was a jogger (years ago), running on cool fall mornings was one of my favorites. The best, though, was running through a summer rain.

    Some good sensory detail.

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