Armed robbery in Central City Store

      Three men robbed a store at 450 Stanley Street last night at 8:30 pm. Two of the men the store wearing ski masks and took about 400$ from the cash register. The third of them waited in a car in front of the store. 

      One of the men pointed the gun at the owner of the store, 43-year-old Barney Joseph, Jr. He could have reached for a gun he kept under the counter, he told police, but chose not to.

      Joseph’s father was killed during a holdup at the same store almost 25 years ago. In contrast to his son, he tried to defend himself. “Yes, Dad resisted, I guess. Anyway, they found him shot to death, his own gun in his hand, and a bullet in the store’s ceiling. I’d rather part with my money than my life,” Joseph said.      

1 thought on “Armed robbery in Central City Store

  1. fuglsang

    Three men? Possible. But it doesn’t say that.

    Simplify, Jolina. It’s either a robbery story. Or it’s a human interest story about a man who wanted to live.

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