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News Comment #5

Greta Thunberg on world leaders’ climate promises: “Blah blah blah”

By AJ Dellinger (Mic)

The article addresses the speech Greta Thunberg gave at the Youth4Climate summit in Milan this Tuesday. The author summarizes her most important statements. Furthermore, he explains why she said certain things by giving some background on climate action and broken promises by politicians in the last years.

I think the topic is very news-worthy, given that the speech is a very recent event and climate change has a major impact on humanity nowadays.
What caught my attention first is that the story doesn’t have a classic lead. I noticed this in another article by Dellinger that I commented on a few weeks ago, as well. Since his articles tend to be pretty short and most readers might take the time to read the entire text, it’s not a major problem, in my opinion. The introduction was still written interestingly and got me to read the rest of the article.
Another thing I noticed is that Dellinger does a good job of picking quotes since Thunberg chose very unique words in them that can’t really be paraphrased accurately (“blah, blah, blah”), or they strongly reflect her main message and her attitude on the topic. I liked that he also explained a quote which’s meaning wasn’t completely clear.
Like Dellinger’s other article, this one contains a lot of subjectivity. He mostly covers one side and even claims the view of critics to be wrong (“Now, some people (who are wrong, but still) might try to make the case that[…]”).
Overall, I enjoyed reading this article.