Daily Archives: September 15, 2021

News Comment #3

Animals are “shape-shifting,” and scientists think climate change is to blame

By AJ Dellinger (Mic)

The article addresses the physical adaption of about 30 species of animals due to climate change. It further describes how they’re changing by providing some examples and talks about possible reasons and consequences.

The first thing I noticed is that the article doesn’t have a classic lead. Instead, the author starts the story with a comparison, which actually caught my attention. Today’s audience might not like it, though, since it usually prefers to read essential information right in the beginning. On the other hand, the article is very short and easy to read, which most people would probably like. The length could also be the reason the author chose not to include a lead.
I felt like the author didn’t write very objectively. He clearly states his opinion on the issue and is also known for writing about environmentalism and other similar topics.
Another questionable aspect is the topic itself. It is not about humans, it’s not really bizarre, and it doesn’t have any impact on us. It’s rather about raising attention for another, bigger topic – climate change – which has a huge impact on us. I personally thought it was interesting, and reading about something a little different was kind of refreshing. I don’t think it would be for the majority of people, though.