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Citizens, Not the State, Will Enforce New Abortion Law in Texas
By Sabrina Tavernise (The New York Times)

The article addresses a new abortion law in Texas that passed this Wednesday, September 1st. The author focuses on the fact that citizens, instead of government officials, are responsible for suing those who violate the law, which is a major difference from other laws. The author introduces the law briefly before she explains its impact on several involved actors as well as the legal system in general.

In my opinion, this is a very interesting article for multiple reasons. Firstly, the law is definitely newsworthy since it is a highly discussed topic in the US today. Also, I like that the author kept the article objective, given that she didn’t include her own opinion, sticks to facts, and presented both sides equally by quoting people supporting and opposing the law. Additionally, she provides some general information about the topic, which is helpful for those who haven’t heard much about it. Later, she puts the law into a broader context by referring to recent tendencies in abortion laws in general, which I thought was interesting. Lastly, everything is well explained, so people who are not into law can understand it, too.

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  1. fuglsang

    Everything looks good, Jolina. You have summary and comment. You have a link in the photo.

    You consider news value and objectivity. That’s cool.

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