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How to get the Sioux City Culinary Experience through the Words of an Outsider
October 22, 2014, 8:50 pm
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All I hear most of the time about Sioux City is: “What can La Juanitas do for me??” Sioux City may not be the “cream of the crop” kind of place like my hometown Le Mars presents itself but it is vastly diverse and has its own perks as well. Hey, I never was too warm with Sioux City even though I lived close, but I have opened myself up since I moved here to everything Sioux City has to offer us. This is my effort to glitter Morningside College students’ eyes with the possibilities to make this place take on its own persona of “home.”

  • Breakfast is key and the most clutch moment to any day in my opinion! I believe sugar becomes its own part of the food plate as an essential nutrient as you try many kinds of voodoo to get yourself through the day in college. I have nothing against Sunkist Bakery but go the extra distance downtown to The Sugar Shack Bakery and stock up! Try a truffle or two…. Three maybe? No matter what you get, there is a reason this place is called “The Sugar Shack.” The taste of their food goes off like a sweet flash bang in your mouth!
  • At this time, you may be quite hyped up so it’s time to let your creative side out. Everyone strives to have their own personal man cave in their room. A couple of places can help with this. For the pop culture guru, I suggest going to the mall for they provide action-packed posters, vibrant scenery in frames, and a cornucopia of sports trinkets. If you are still in the downtown area, Antiques on Fourth is a great place to go. Get something random, cool, or just something strange to have a funny story to tell your friends. They have it all like pictures, clocks, dolls, furniture, light fixtures and about anything else you can think of!
  • Whether you want to reinvent your identity or flare it out more, you may want some new clothes to present that. With a stroke of luck, you are already in the right place, the mall! I have a hobby of just exploring this diverse place to get the lowdown on the latest deals. They have all kinds of stores that range from athletic locker rooms to nerd out heaven, from stores discussed with royalty to ghoulish gothic grounds and everything in between. They all have sales going on which I highly suggest checking out every now and then to build an affordable, swagin’, wardrobe.
  • Lunch time calls! This is a pivotal time to give you the energy to get the most out of your day. Let’s stick to healthy and unique choices since I know you will answer to your cravings eventually. If you have time to sit in, I suggest Famous Dave’s for barbeque, Rebo’s for a Caribbean, cultural ride, or for just that good old hamburger, Jim’s Burgers is there for ya fast and hot. A healthy and cheaper alternate to all of these, though, is Little Chicago Deli which is a local take on the Subway sandwich motif.
  • I expect class will leave you buried until suppertime. Supper could be a treat to yourself if you worked hard today or a good vibe for a date.  You can take in the beauty of the Sioux City geography at calming, Bev’s on the River, which overlooks the lake front into Nebraska. For straight up fancy, Trattoria Fresco shines through with the name even and the Italian hospitality. For a retro locale, look to SoHos which is a tribute to a burrow of New York. It comes complete with classic Broadway posters and a subway car!
  • You may have some time away from school to actually do stuff every now and then. If you are the super fan type, you would fit right in “banging the drum” at the Muskie’s hockey game. For the “flower power” in all of us, there is multiple nature preserves to walk and leave worries behind for a bit by getting in touch with nature. The Tyson Events Center holds all kinds of high-end entertainment along with the new casino too.

If college is getting repetitive, try out those local attractions I suggested. There is always more out there so explore, keep an open mind, and who knows what you will find!

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