Culture: Roommates

Roommates are a college guarantee. If you move onto campus from a different city, or town, or even just to get away from your parents, you will most likely be assigned a roommate. Morningside fills out a questionnaire in order to match up roommates with people that are similar to them.

For this article, I can talk to my roommate now about what it was like to be able to choose a roommate for the second year on campus. I can discuss the implications of roommates with an RA, such as Tessa Renze or Dylan Ferguson or Bailey Powers. I can talk to Alyssa Miller about having to change roommates in the middle of a semester.

Bad roommates, good roommates, silent, loud, messy, clean, all types of roommates change a person’s college experience.

Sharing your room, but more importantly your life, with a stranger is hard. This is how college usually starts. I want to discuss the relationships¬†that roommates have, and how this can change how a person interacts and participates in school. I also want to talk about the idea that after college you don’t usually have roommates, or you do only because it is cheaper.