Morningside College has continuously recruited and educated bright minds from throughout the world. They are drawn to the extensive nursing and biology programs, the computer science and math departments, the English, arts, and acting departments, and the Mass Communications curriculum.

Reilly Mahon, a 2015 graduate of East High in Sioux City, is one of these students that is pursuing a career in the Mass Communications field.

Originally, Mahon planned on studying to become a high school band teacher and she spent many years playing the clarinet. She soon realized that she lacked the patience that band requires.

Her younger brother spiked her interest in the communications departments with his photography. At the beginningĀ of this semester, she decided to change her path and focus on the Mass Comm department.

With new dreams of becoming a Sports Reporter, Mahon has put her all into her studies. She believes that one of her unique qualities is her focus on school instead of social activities.

“I’ve always been this focused,” Mahon said to the question of whether her focus was new because of her new academic path. It gave her something to lean on after her parent’s divorce and it gave her a reasonable goal to achieve.

The change in departments for her major has allowed her to come out of her shell. Mahon is shy, but the Mass Communications department leaves no room for silence. She has been forced to find a voice and an opinion.