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Small State to Big City, Here it Is

Observation Exercise

HJF Learning Center at Morningside College is frequented by students for many different reasons. Some come to study, others come to game, and more come to hang out with friends. In the back of the library is a study area that is relatively disconnected from the rest.

Maroonish couches with white detailing and chairs are arranged in a circle with medium brown stained wood tables. To the left and the right of this circle are individual study desks, light brown stain in color. Each chair matches the color of the desks with straight backs and thin, red cushions that are rough to the touch.

On the back wall, directly behind the circles, are two four-person tables of the same wood as the individual desks. The chairs are also similar, though half are missing their fabric cushions.

There was a boy sitting in one of these tables, alone. He seemed tall because his legs were a bit compressed under the table. He had curly, brown hair that reached the nape of his neck. Covering that was a black and grey ballcap.

He wore a bright red shirt with grey shorts of a flowing, thicker material. His shorts came down to just below mid-thigh, ending right above the knee. He was wearing Dockers with white socks that came up about mid-calf. He had hair covering both his shins.

His shoes were only half on, the back bent into the interior of the shoe as if he always walked with them half on. He was staring intently at his phone, though he had a MacBook open. He had a red Gatorade to his left along with a blue folder.

He had three of four papers spread in front of him and a pen next to his left arm, but he didn’t seem to be working. He occasionally smiled or laughed (a brusk tone) otherwise his face was neutral.

Loungin on the red and white couch was a girl. Her front was not in line-of-sight but she had on a bright white pullover jacket. She had dark, straight brunette hair that reached the middle of her back.

She was originally laying on the couch where only her head was visible, but a second girl approached and sat in a chair diagonally from her, causing her to sit up straight.

She had dirty blonde hair that was pulled into a high ponytail. It reached her mid-shoulder blades. She was wearing a white headband the same color as the first girl’s pullover. She was wearing a maroon Morningside Mustangs sweatshirt. Her legs were unviewable.

This second girl was drinking a drink purchased from the Spoonholder. After her entrance, the girls began discussing together quietly, and the second girl said: “oh same, she emailed you?”

During their conversation, a second boy came in and occupied one of the individual desks. He was wearing grey joggers that ended right before his ankle and white socks. He had on tan moccasins.

He was also wearing a white and grey Morningside Mustangs t-shirt and had a grey cap on backward over his dark, brunette hair.

In front of the first buy was a whiteboard with someone’s twitter handle written in blue ink. Beside that was a cartoon looking dog. Throughout the entire space, some machine in the ceiling made a rattling noise. Conversations were difficult to hear because of this.

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  1. Some really good visual detail, Mari. I especially like the long legs compressed under the table. You include a few sounds, but you could do more with sensory detail. The library does have a smell. The feel of the chair.

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